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Everything you need to know about visual communication so you can persuade your audience through campaigns, social media, and websites like a boss.

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Your Audience Sees 10,000 Brand Ads Per Day

Aligning the look of your social media, video content, website, still images and copy have been tested to result in 33% revenue increases.

Imagine the results when you can align your visuals of your brand to appeal to your audience's subconscious desires, control where they look and present them with the look of a world-class brand-- consistently.

Learn the Power of Visual Persuasion

It can't be that easy can it?

  • Wearing all the hats is difficult, isn't running a business hard enough?
  • How can one know what visuals influence their audience?
  • Does color really make a difference?
  • How can I be consistent over so many platforms?
  • Big companies make mistakes all the time, how can I, as a small company get it right?


No one knows your brand better than you.

YVB will teach you everything you need to know to lead teams, or do it yourself, when it comes to aligning your visual brand with: consistency, visual excellence, and presenting with visual persuasion-- you will understand your audience's subconscious needs and desires and present them answers in your imaging.

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I have filmed and photographed for some of the world's most successful brands. 


I am here to teach what worked, what didn't, and how you can compete with the world's best.

Director of Photography Alec Watson
DP Alec Watson Filming with Arri

Practical and Actionable

Every lesson comes with takeaways that you can implement immediately to raise brand awareness and connection with your audience.

Psychology of Color

Use narrower color palettes and increase the perceived value of your brand or product

Hardwiring of the Brain

Use sight lines to move your viewer's eyes to information you want them to see

Experiential Images

Use imagery with sensory cues like touch to engage more connection with your audience


Will teach you the power of visual persuasion-- everything you need to know to lead teams or do it yourself when it comes to outstanding visual branding.  

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Tools, Techniques, and Implementation


Your Visual Brand was designed for you, the busy entrepreneur. Each chapter is cut into short lessons with takeaways you can implement into your marketing immediately.
Through each chapter, you will cumulatively add to your Visual Branding Guidelines workbook.
Upon completion, you will have a codified manual for your brand that covers colors, form, logos, image rules, and copy placement for your website, campaigns and social media.
You will be able to implement all of the techniques--and most importantly, communicate your future requirements to professionals as you grow your brand and outsource design, still images, social media, and video.


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