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Never miss a perfect image because of wrong settings.

Simplify Photography Now

How many AMAZING shots have you missed?

WAMSI - is a photography workflow that takes the complexity out of DSLR Camera Photography.  With WAMSI you will take perfect images - quickly - from shot one.



Sherri Skeans

Great content. Everypilot knows the importance of a checklist. A great place to begin!

Jack Haugthton

This was well worth the time.It really simplifies the work flow. It takes some of the mystery out, and gets you out to try more photography.

Never Miss A Fleeting Moment

Learn WAMSI 


Quick to Learn

In about an hour you will learn the workflow that I have used to photograph Pop Stars and Presidents.

Rock Solid Confidence

Be creative. Take better photos knowing your technical settings are perfect.

When I got my first digital camera, I loved that I could take a shot, look at the back of the camera - adjust - and then repeat this process 5 or 6 times till achieved the shot I wanted.  Unfortunately, I soon learned that life rarely waits while I dial in the correct settings.  

How many amazing images have we all missed because our cameras were set wrong?

I started out as a hobby photographer; my main career was as a recording studio engineer.  Every morning I would align the tape deck.  There was a very specific workflow. When aligned in the correct order it was perfect, fast, and efficient. If I changed the order, I could still arrive at perfect, but I would have to re-tweak and readjust to get it right. I had 24 channels to get perfect, efficiency was key. Years later, I wondered, is there a similar workflow on cameras?  The camera, after all is a recorder.

Turns out, there is!


It's a simple workflow to learn. It will net you a perfect image from shot one - fast!

Today I work on film sets with large teams; often under pressure to get the perfect shot fast. I don't have time to shoot and readjust, shoot and readjust.  I need to get it right the first time.

Having a simplified workflow increases confidence, and allows me to be in my creative space immediately.  

This is what I want for you.

With this workflow you will stay creative, and get the shot fast from shot one!



Stay creative, simplify the technical, learn WAMSI and change - forever - how you capture image.

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